Create Ledger codes for easy Accounting

A ledger code can be used to identify an item or a category of items you are selling in your Amilia Store. You can create and associate a ledger code to any item you wish which enables easy access to accounting information pertaining to those items by generating an Excel report. 

How to create a ledger code

  • Via ACCOUNT > ACCOUNTING, click OPERATIONS then New_ledger_entry.png.


Here's the Result


Create as many ledger codes as you'd like! To modify your ledger code, click on the pen icon to the right. To delete your ledger code, click on the X icon.  Note however that once a ledger code has been associated to an item in your Store, you will no longer have the option to delete it. The ledger code would have to be removed from those items first. 


To export the fiscal information related to one or several ledger codes, apply a checkmark next to the ledger entry and via OPERATIONS-Export to Excel. 

Exporting to Excel will give you a summary of all transactions for the selected accounting codes. It contains the total of invoiced transactions, payments received, refunds granted and also includes promotions and fees. Please note that this report only supports promotions and fees from the new Promotions and Fees modules. Old promotions and fees will not be included in this report.


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