Create a Membership

A membership can be a membership card, an annual fee, an activity-specific membership, etc. 


Amilia provides 4 different types of memberships:

Here, you will learn more about individual memberships. If you'd like more information about a different type of membership, click on the links above.


Via the Memberships subtab, click +New membership>Individual membership:


Fixed dates Term

  • Sales date: When your customers can start purchasing the membership.
  • Effective date: When the membership begins.
  • Expiration date: When the membership expires, inclusively.


Fixed duration Term

  • Duration: how long the membership will be valid, in months.
  • Renewal: Number of months before the membership's expiry date during which the renewal of the membership is offered.

NOTE: When the term is fixed duration, you can modify the expiry date of an individual participant's membership via the Purchases tab in the client's account.


General information

  • Name the membership as it will be displayed to clients.
  • The Description of the membership will be visible to clients.
  • What is the selling Price of the membership?
  • The Ledger code must first be created via the Account>Accounting subtab.



  • Select the applicable taxes for this membership only.


Forms (optional)

  • If you wish, create specific forms in the Account>Forms subtab and link them to your membership. These forms will only be presented to your customers when they purchase the membership.
  • If you don't select a form for the membership, the forms shown will be those linked to the other purchases (if applicable).



  • Immediately: Clients can see and purchase the membership in the Memberships section of your store. If the membership is linked to an activity, they will be prompted to buy it if they don't own it already.
  • Schedule: Set a date where clients can see and purchase the membership in the Memberships section of your store. If the membership is linked to an activity, they will be prompted to buy it if they don't own it already. 
  • Hidden from store: Unavailable for purchase in the Memberships section of your store. However, it still available for purchase if it is linked to an activity, in which case clients will be prompted to buy it if they don't own it already.
  • Unavailable from store: Unavailable for client purchase. However, the membership remains active for clients that purchased it before becoming unavailable. Administrators can still purchase the membership on behalf of clients.



Add age and/or gender restriction if you want to limit access to the membership. You can also leave this set at No restriction, which is the default setting.

  • Age: Select the minimum and maximum ages (in months or years), and whether or not the participant must have reached that age at the time of purchase or at another date you have determined. We suggest toggling the Date of Birth option on your Form to Visible Required.

  •  Gender: Clients do not need to specify their gender unless an organization requires it. If your membership has gender restrictions, be sure your Form has the Gender option toggled to Visible Required.
  • If your membership restricts enrollment to females, only participants who have identified their gender as 'Female' may purchase the membership.
  • If enrollment is restricted to males, only participants who have identified their gender as 'Male' may purchase the membership.
  • If enrollment is restricted to clients who preferred not to say their gender, only participants who have identified their gender as 'Prefer not to say' may purchase the membership.
  • It is possible to choose more than one option. For example, if you have restricted enrollments to females and people who preferred not to say, only participants who have identified as 'Female' or have answered 'Prefer not to say' will be able to purchase the membership.


If you have created skills in this module, you can make some of these mandatory when purchasing a membership. The system will detect if the skill has been checked in the customer's account.



If you have created Merchandise in the Online Store module, you can make certain merchandise mandatory or suggest that they purchase it when purchasing their membership. The participant can add the merchandise to his cart when he registers.


Determine which method(s) of payment will be offered to the customer when purchasing this membership. In order to be offered, these methods must first be activated for the entire platform under Accounts > Payments. If you want to offer installments, you must first create this method under Accounts > Installments. Note that the methods of payment offered will also depend on those linked to other purchases made on the same invoice.



Indicate if an administrator can replace this membership by another when invoicing clients. If so, check the Activate box. You can also manually select the memberships which can replace this one by checking the Activate with restrictions box. For more details on Replacements, please see the related documents.

To make this membership mandatory when purchasing an activity, see the following document: How to make memberships mandatory when purchasing an activity


Membership cards

If you check this box, each clients that have the membership active in it's account will have a Membership card visible under the sub tab membership card (Clients > People) You will be able to print those cards under that sub tab or for each membership.

Click here to find out more about Membership cards.


Membership Section in your Store

If you want to make the Memberships section visible in your store so that your customer can purchase them, go to Store > Customize.

In the Visible column, check the appropriate box so that the tab may appear in the store.

You can also change the order in which the tabs are displayed by using the arrows in the Position column.




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