Members Search: Search and add clients from your Federation

As a member of a Federation, your organization is one of many. This means clients may have already purchased a resale membership from another organization within the Federation. To avoid selling the same person the same membership again, search for them using the Members Search.


Searching for members:

To search for a member of the Federation, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the Clients tab in Amilia

2. Click on Members Search

3. Search by Amilia ID or using a member's name and birth date


If the information you searched does not correspond to a member within the Federation (that is a client who already has a resold membership) the search will return no results.

If the information you search does correspond to a member of the Federation, details on the client will appear.


Add client from Members Search:

Once you have identified a client who already has a resale membership from another organization, you can add the client into your own organization by clicking 'Add client'.


Once you add the client, you will be redirected to the client's account in your organization.

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