How to make memberships mandatory when purchasing an activity

You can make the purchase of one (out of many Memberships) mandatory when purchasing certain activities.

If the client does not already have the Membership, the system will ask that he add it to his cart, and it will add it to his invoice.

If the Membership is already active in the client's account, he will be able to complete his purchase without a problem. 

  • To do this, go to ACTIVITIES > EDIT


  •  Click on the name of an activity.
  • Open the Memberships module and click on


If you have already created Memberships in this module, they will be listed. If not, you will see a link to the module where you can create them. 

  • Check the Membership(s) which you want to make mandatory when purchasing this activity.
  •  Click on save.png


If more than one Membership is mandatory, Amilia will require the purchase of one of them, not all mandatory memberships.

Repeat these steps for all the desired activities.


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