The Rentals module

The RENTALS module allows you to easily create booking contracts for your facilities, gyms, courts, halls, etc.

You will be able to:

  • Create custom contracts
  • Book rental periods in a calendar
  • Adjust your prices depending on the time of year, week or day
  • Add additional fees
  • Add Extras (Ex: equipment, staff, housekeeping, catering, etc.)
  • Send your contracts by email
  • Automatically invoice your customers, who will be able to pay directly online

This module is linked to RESOURCES, which allows you to create facilities and staff to link to your activities and consult your reservations schedule in a calendar.


You will start by creating your Price Schedule which will be accessible to all administrators by clicking .

A price schedule is usually associated to a facility or resource. Here you can set up a list of price periods for booking items to be included in your contract. You can create price periods for Fall, Winter, Spring for example for a certain facility, or create them as you wish.

You will input the name of the Price Schedule, for example "Birthday Party", enter the pricing type and your tax configurations. 

You can then select the price period for this schedule. A price period defines the price that will be applied from the start date, depending on the pricing type chosen. You can then select in a calendar view, hours where this base price will be changed, and the facility will be a different price. 


After this has been completed, you can then create your Contract Template. You can either create your own and upload the file here: 

Or you can download a generic contract layout to create your Templates. Customize it with your own terms and conditions, organization logo, and more here: 

Note: For more information on this, take a look here:


After this has been set up, you can go in an add Extras if you wish. An extra is an item or service that you can add to the invoice when booking your facilities. For example, sports equipment, cleaning service, catering, etc.You can do this by clicking here:

and clicking  you can configure your extras. 

After everything has been properly configured, you are ready to set up your first contract! 

For more information: Creating a new facility


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    Jenna Hamilton

    How do we link this to the account so that we are able to bill them? When I am creating the rental structure it keeps saving it as a draft and wont allow me to link it to the account. 

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