Create a template for rental contracts

A template is a generic contract that you can customize to reflect your business.

You must import your templates onto the platform before you start creating your contracts.





1. Click on New_template.png.

2. Download the Sample Template by clicking on Sample_template.png The system will automatically inject your logo and contact information for your organization. However, you can change them.

3. Make the desired additions and changes. (See the customization section of the template at the bottom)

4. Save the finished template on your workstation.

5. Enter the Name and the Language of the new template.

6. Click on Choose_a_file.png to select the template you saved on your computer.

7. Click Save.png


If the information does not comply, please refer to the diagnosis message in red in order to make the required corrections. Then repeat the process.



You can manually change the appearance of the contract, ex. add logos, change paragraphs, color, and so on. Just use the tools offered by Word.


Advanced Customization

What is a tag?

A tag is a ‘Rich Text Content Control’ element in Word that has an identifier which tells the rental contract generator what information to put inside of it. Some examples of information that will be filled in are prices, client names, a table of locations and dates of rentals.

These are the list of content control tags supported:

ClientEmailAddress: The email of the customer


Enable the developer tab in Word

In order to create a rich text content control the first thing you must do is enable the Developer tab on the ribbon. To enable the developer tab see this link:

  1. In Word 2016, Go File > Options.
  2. On the left choose Customize Display.
  3. On the right check “Developer” then press Ok to save.

Create a tag

Once you have enabled the developer toolbar, inside of it enable ‘Design Mode’ and then:

  1. Click ‘Rich Text Control Control’ to add the control
  2. Click on the control and then click ‘Properties’
  3. Fill in the ‘Tag’ field with the tag name.


For a list of tags names and what they represent please see the Create or Edit Template screen.

Note: The tag is the only field required to work. You may optionally add a title or change the “Click or tap here to enter text.” to make the tag easier to identify.

For more information on the rentals modules see here:

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