Creating your rentals contracts


  • The RESOURCES module must first have been enabled for you. You can contact us if it is not visible.
  • You must have previously created your FACILITIES in the RESOURCES Module
  • You must have previously created and imported at least one contract TEMPLATE
  • You must have previously created your PRICE SCHEDULES and PRICE PERIODS 
  • You must have previously created your EXTRAS if you want to add them to the contracts. 
  • The maximum revenue fee that can be charged by Amilia on a Rental Contract is $10.




Click on 


Current state: A contract always starts at Draft state. You can then escalate the state once the contract is created.

Contract Number: This is generated automatically, but you can modify it manually if need be.

Name: Specify the name of the contract. Note that you can also refer to the contract number and the name of the invoiced client.

Template: In the drop down menu, select the template you want to use.

You must first have created and imported your TEMPLATES. Refer to the following document for more information:

Create a template for rental contracts

Client: Click on   to find the customer you want to invoice, then  to choose the client.

If the client does not have an account with you yet, click on  to create it.


Click on 



You can modify them by clicking on . However, the State must be changed in the Control Panel on the right.



You must first create your FACILITIES under RESOURCES. Refer to the following documentation: Introduction to Resource Management

Click on 

Select the facility to book in the drop down menu.


On the next page, there are two ways to select a time slot for your booking: 

  1. Click on  at the top of the screen, or
  2. Click inside the calendar, at the desired time, and drag the mouse to select the entire time period you'd like to book.


Note that an admin can always override a booked or blocked time slot. Be sure you are taking them into account when you book your facilities.

In either case, a new window appears : 


Price Schedule: Choose the one to link to this booking.

You must have first created your PRICE SCHEDULES and PRICE PERIODS. Refer to the following documentation: Create your Price schedules


  • None : This event will only occur once.
  • Every Day : This event will occur daily or repeat at regular intervals (for example, every 3 days). 
  • Every Week : Use this option to program an event that repeats from one week to the other (or at regular intervals, say, every 2 or 3 weeks).
  • Every Month : This option is perfect for monthly events or events that repeat at regular intervals every 2 or 3 months.

Indicate the start and end Dates and Times of the occurrence or the number of Repetitions.


Click on 

Once the booking is made, click on   

In the contract, it will be possible to MODIFY manually the price of each recurrence or REMOVE them individually.

However, to change the facility or the time slot of a recurrence, you will have to remove the recurrence and redo the booking.


You must first have created your EXTRAS. Refer to the following documentation: Creating your EXTRAS

In the contract, click on 

Select the Extra to add in the drop down menu.

You will be able to manually change the QUANTITY and PRICE. Billing will be adjusted accordingly.




Click on  

Choose the fee to add in the drop down menu. They have to be created first under ACCOUNT > INVOICE.

You can however modify them manually the Name and the Price of each fee. The name of the fee will appear on the client's invoice.


It is possible to EDIT or REMOVE the fees, as long as the contract is at the DRAFT State.



Proceed in the Control Panel.


DRAFT: A contract always starts in this state. You can then make any desired changes.

PENDING APPROVAL: Once you've completed the contract, change it to this state. It will then be automatically saved as it is on the platform and it will not be possible to modify it, unless you change the state back to Draft.

APPROVED: Once approved and signed by the client, you can escalate at this state. Attention, it will no longer be possible to modify the contract. An invoice will be automatically created in the client's account and they will be able to pay it online, depending on your payment settings.


The invoice number will be visible in the control panel. You will be able to click on it to be redirected to the invoice in the customer's account.



To get the contract approved and signed by the client, you can send it by email by clicking on . The contract will be automatically added as an attachment.

You can also download it by clicking on  and send it via an email provider.



By clicking on , you will get a list of all the changes made to the contract since its creation, the date and time of these changes as well as the ID of the administrator who made the change.



It will be possible at any time to download and save a contract using 



You can only delete a contract when it's at the Draft state.


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