How to Remove a Skill


Skills must be removed by an administrator of the organization. A participant cannot remove a skill from his/her own account. Once removed, there will be no traces that the skill was assigned.


There are 2 ways to remove a Skill on the platform :




First, select the Skills tab, then click on Mass Assign


1. Find your clients

Next, you can search for clients via Membership or Activity. After making your choice, a list of clients will be displayed.




2. Select skills to be removed

First choose the Skill Type and then check the Skill to be removed. You can only remove one Skill at a time.

Only the Skills that are active under SKILLS > CONSULTATION will appear at this step.


3. Select persons

Next, choose which participants to remove the skill for. You can either pick names individually, select all names on the current page, or select all names.



4. Remove

Once you've made your selection, click  at the bottom of the page to remove the skill from the selected persons. If desired, you can send a notification email to the affected clients by checking the box next to the email prompt.



You can also remove a skill directly from a client's account. First, Click on the Clients>People tab and select the participant whom you would like to remove the skill for. You will then be brought to that client's account in Amilia. 


Next, click on the Skills sub-tab. 

You will then be presented with any skills assigned to the current client. Click on the trash icon in the "Remove" column to remove the selected skill.


 In the next window, click Remove to confirm the withdrawal.

You can check Send a confirmation email to client, if desired.


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