How to create your Price schedules

A PRICE SCHEDULE is a set of PRICE PERIODS, which you subsequently link to your rentals contracts. You can create a schedule by Rental or Facility types.

You will be able to create as many price periods as desired inside the schedule, as well as manually change the prices by time slots according to the offer and the demand or other criteria of your choice.


Ex: PRICE SCHEDULE Gymnasium # 1


PRICE PERIOD January 1st to April 1st: Basic price $ 150 / hour

Prices changed manually:                     $ 200 / hour in the evening

                                                        $ 250 / hour on weekends


PRICE PERIOD from April 2nd to July 1st: Basic price $ 250 / hour

Prices changed manually:                                        $ 300 / hour in the evening

                                                                           $ 350 / hour on weekends




Click on New_Price_schedule.png

1. Enter the NAME of the new schedule.

2. Choose the Pricing Type from the drop-down menu, either by Time, Per Day, or Flat fee.

3. Indicate the application of the taxes you want.

4. click on Continue.png




A price period indicates the base price  that will be applied by default for a defined period of time.

A period ends when the next one begins.

Prices can subsequently be changed manually in the weekly schedule or in contracts, for a customized billing.


Click on New_Price_period.png

NAME: Enter the name of the period.

PRICE PERIOD START DATE: Enter the date from which this base price will be applied by default.

BASE PRICE: Indicate the basic price that should be applied by default during this period.

Click on Create_price_period.png



Click on Create_price_period.png to add more.

If you create only one, only that base price will be applied by default for this price schedule.




It is not possible to link ledger codes to your Price schedules. However, you can link them to your Extras and Facilities, to consolidate your contracts into your financial reports, in the Finance module.




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