Trial account

This account is currently in Trial state. Here's what it means:

You can become familiar with all the modules and options on the platform, before starting to pay for the service.

You can create programs, activities, promotions, multi-pass, memberships, fees, merchandise, etc. on the platform, to test their utilities and applications according to your needs.

You can create client's accounts to test the registration and billing, in Administrator mode as Client mode.

You can generate financial reports, according to the tests purchases you’ve made.

When your trial account will be converted to a paid account, you will be able to keep or delete items that you created or retain only some. You will have to mention your preferences to the agent that will proceed to the conversion for you.

To note:

No payment made in trial mode is actually made. Nothing will be charged if you are executing purchases with credit card or e-check.

Emails will be saved in the customer's account and in the Communications module, but will not actually be sent. They will disappear when you activate your account.

All registrations and purchases made in trial mode will be removed from all modules and in customer accounts once your account will be converted. Will be retained only your customers information and your forms.

If you choose to upgrade to a paid account, you will receive training sessions.

For more information about the conversion or to proceed, contact our Product Specialists:


Tel.: 1-877-343-0004 x1

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