Once you Generated your RL-24s

When you generate the RL-24s at the end of Step 5, they are automatically forwarded to Revenu Quebec.

Once validated, you will see a green indication under FINANCE > RL-24 TAX CREDIT, with the date and time of the validation.

Allow up to 3 days for this validation.



In order to make the statements visible in your client's DOCUMENTS tab, in administrator or client mode, you must click on

The number of e-mails sent will be indicated in the box 

Your clients will then receive an automated e-mail informing them of the availability of their statement. A link to their Amilia account is included in this email.


For clients who do not have an email confirmed in their account, you can print them in the Print the RL-24s section, by clicking on 

You will have the number of these accounts in the box 

You will receive a PDF file by e-mail, including all these statements.

A confirmation to this effect will appear in green: 

You will then be able to save them on your computer, print them, send them by mail or hand them in person to your clients.

You can also print all the statements in PDF, including those with an email address, by clicking on The process will be the same.


You can browse the generated statements to view, print, edit, or cancel them.

Click on 


Once you sent the RL24s to Revenu Quebec, you can still modify them in the client's account, under the DOCUMENTS tab.

Use the search here to find the desired account.

Click in the box containing the information to modify and proceed manually.

Save your changes.

A mention to the effect that the statement has been modified will be indicated on it.


Use the search tool to find the statement you want to cancel.

Then click on the X at the end of the line to cancel it.

There will be a mention on the statement that it has been canceled.


All modified and canceled statements will be visible in the clients' account. It is important that clients attach these statements to their tax reports.


If you have modified some statements, you must forward them again to Revenu Québec for validation.

Click on  to forward them.

Their number can be found in the box  in the Generated RL-24s section.

You can proceed for each statement or wait until you have finished editing all of them and forward them in batches. You can proceed as often as desired.

Once validated, you will get the validation message in green.


According to the laws of Revenu Québec, you have until February 28, 2017 to forward them all your RL-24. After that date, they reserve themselves the right to refuse to validate them. You will then have to take arrangement directly with them.


Once all the steps have been completed, you will get a summary at the bottom of the page

The summary includes the number of statements issued, including statements marked Modified and Canceled.

Therefore, you must print a modified Summary at each change, cancellation and creation of a statement. You can also wait until you finished making all changes to print it.

The updated Summary 24 must be signed and sent by mail to Revenu Quebec.

Click on  to do so.





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