Adding an Image to Activities

Adding an image to your activity increases visibility and improves the look of your online store!



1. Click on Activities>Edit and select the desired program & activity

2. Scroll down to Additional Settings and select Image:

Then, click on 


3. A new window will appear:

Note: This window is there to advise you that this image will be displayed in Amilia and, consequently, will be visible online. It is ESSENTIAL to ensure that you have the rights to publish this image! 

To select an image from your computer, click 


4. Your image will appear in the window

    • Zoom in or out by sliding the round cursor from left to right. 
    • Move the image around to center the part that you'd like to focus on by left-clicking on the image and holding down the mouse button while you move the mouse. 
    • Click on Upload when you're done editing your image.

5. Once it has been saved, the image appears as follows: 

To delete it, click on the . To put another image in its place, click on Upload a new picture. 

6. DON'T FORGET TO SAVE your program! Click on the Save button at the bottom right of the page before you leave!



In your store, programs with associated images will appear as illustrated below. Those without images will be shown with our default list icon. 

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