Making a Skill Mandatory for Registering to an Activity

Once your skills have been created, you can use them to restrict access to activity registration. This means that, for example, if Level 1 is a requirement to register for Level 2, participants who do not have the Level 1 skill will not be able to register.  

Skills can also be used to bypass the age requirement for a given activity, meaning that a participant must have either a) the required age to register or b) the chosen skill in their file.  



  • Select an activity by clicking on it. 
  • Scroll down to the Skills section.
  • Check the This activity requires the following skill(s) box.


Restrictive: Only participants who have been tagged with the skill(s) selected below will be able to register for this activity.  

Note: Don’t forget to assign the required skill to the appropriate participants otherwise no one will be able to register. 

Extended: Select Extended if you want everyone who meets the activity’s age requirements to be able to register and if you want to grant certain participants permission to register by themselves, even if they do not have the required age.

Indicate the minimum and maximum ages you would like to allow for specially tagged participants. 

Note: Participants must be tagged with the skill in order to bypass the age requirement. 



Use this setting to determine whether you’d like ALL the selected skills to be required for registration to this activity, or whether participants with one skill OR the other can register.

Check the skill or skills you want to link to this activity.

Click on 


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