How to allow clients to pay their outstanding balance

By default, clients must contact your club if they wanted to pay off an outstanding balance. You can allow your clients to pay their balance online by configuring the option in the Account>Payments tab.



Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Client Balances section. 

  • Check Enable my clients to pay their outstanding balance online.
  • Choose if you want to:

Require your clients to pay their total balance



Allow them to pay a partial amount ( you must indicate a minimum amount to be paid)

NOTE: If the client's remaining balance is less than the minimum amount you indicated, they will still be able to pay. 


  • Select the methods of payment permitted to pay off an outstanding balance. 


Credit card and e-check: Clients will be offered these 2 types of payment methods and will be able to choose the desired type.
Credit card only: Clients can only use this type to pay their balance.
E-check only: Clients may only use this type to pay their balance.

NOTE: If you only offer online payment by credit card, this payment method will be offered by default.

Hit  . Rest assured you can change these settings at any time!


Click here to find out more setting options in the Account>Payments tab.



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    Joe Smith

    Thanks Yuri,
    This option does not appear to allow payment towards an outstanding Installment balance.
    Please indicate how a parent can make a payment towards their outstanding Installment Balance.

    Thanks so much,

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