Staff Management 101

Staff Management is a module under active development. We have very exciting features  (recruitment, advanced scheduling, a mobile app for staff, etc.); so keep an eye on this module!

If you are currently using the old Staff module and would like to experience the new Staff Scheduling functionality, let us know at and we'll unlock the module for you!


Scheduling staff to activity programming requires a lot of moving pieces. Having the right people in the right place at the right time is vital for your participants' enjoyment and safety. Amilia makes staffing and scheduling your staff easier, enabling you to focus on what matters most: your services and participants.


 The New Staff Management module allows you to:

  • Add your staff availability with an unlimited number of availability ranges;
  • View staff availability and schedule by day, week and month;
  • Link your staff to custom Tags (ex: has car, first aid certification etc.) for easy filtering and to aid in scheduling the right person with the right credentials;
  • Link your staff to activities and be alerted to availability conflicts; and
  • Send staff schedules via email through Amilia.



These are words you’ll commonly see while reading about managing staff in Amilia:

  • Staff - An employee, or volunteer working with your participants; 
  • Resource - Facility, staff, or equipment;
  • Schedule - Recurrence or occurrence of a period of time in a calendar;
  • Fully Flexible Scheduling - Ability to assign Staff to activities and be notified of schedule conflicts; and 
  • Tag - A customized label that can be attached to your Staff member(s) for easier filtering and identification.


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