Creating Staff Members

Staff Management is a new module under active development. We have very exciting features coming soon (recruitment, advanced scheduling, a mobile app for staff, etc.); so keep an eye on this module!

If you are currently using the old Staff module and would like to experience the new Staff Scheduling functionality, let us know at and we'll unlock the module for you!


In order to manage your staff in Amilia, you first need to create staff members for your organization. 



Step by Step

1. Select the Staff-Management module on the left menu and click NEW_STAFF_MEMBER_ENG.png.

2. Enter your staff member’s email and click Next.



3. If your staff’s email is not linked to an existing Amilia client account:



If an Amilia client account is associated with the email, you will see the following:


Choose a person in the client account linked to that email. If their name is not on the ‘Choose a Person’ list, then you must reach out to the email recipient personally, so they may add the person to their Amilia account.


4. Click CREATE_ENG.png.


If you make a mistake creating a Staff Member's profile or no longer need a Staff profile, click on their name and select archive_ENG.png.


Now that your staff member(s) have been created, it's time to add tags (if required) and schedule availabilities!


What's Next? 


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