Access Management 101

The Access Management module will facilitate your client’s check-in /check-out process and help you obtain information about participants or parents who come to your facilities. This amazing feature is available by request. If you'd like to try it, please contact us at

This module works in conjunction with:

  • The Memberships module to enable quick scanning/entry of virtual membership cards or to grant or deny access to your facilities.
  • The Activities module for automatic updates to your activity attendance lists as well as security when child participants are being checked-out of your facilities.

Even without a scanner, you can benefit from Access Management by manually entering the Amilia ID, which is an identification number automatically assigned to all customers by the system and is visible in their client account.

This module also allows you to:



These are words you’ll commonly see when working with Access Management:

  • Membership card - A virtual Membership card generated by Amilia ( it can also be printed)
  • Amilia ID - An 8-digit code that identifies a person in Amilia. This code is displayed on your client’s virtual Membership card
  • Control - A set of parameters created by you to grant or deny access to your facilities
  • Kiosk - A customer-facing display to scan or enter their Amilia ID (membership #)


Activating Access Management

Once unlocked, you will see the module available on the left-hand menu:


To use this feature, your clients must:

  • Have an Amilia ID and/or a membership card for your organization within Amilia.

NOTE: You can generate virtual and physical membership cards via the Memberships Tab. To use virtual cards, your clients need to download our Amilia App for iPhone or Amilia App for Android.

  • Be registered to an activity and/or membership.


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