Configuring your Access Controls

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The first step to using Access Management is to create your Controls. These controls are linked to active memberships and/or activitiesEnsure those are set up prior to configuring your Access Controls.

Create as many controls as you need!


Step by Step

Create your first Access Control by clicking on new_control_ENG.png 



Name:  Create the name you would like for the control (ex: the name of the facility).

Block:  Block someone from checking in if the account has an unpaid balance. The balance will need to be cleared before check-in is possible.

Check-out: Track when participants enrolled in an activity leave the premises.

Track Responsible: Track responsible persons allowed to pick up a child at check-out. Please note you must enable the Check-out option for this to work.


Don't forget to SAVE_ENG.png


After you’ve created your first control, you’ll have access to several actions:

  • Edit
  • Kiosk
  • Monitoring
  • Overview
  • Archive



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