How to use the Kiosk

This amazing feature is available by request. If you'd like to try it,contact us at and we’ll unlock the module for you.


If a membership card is required for access to your facilities, then this feature is for you! The Kiosk is intended to be customer facing, meaning if you have a scanner set up and clients can see the kiosk screen, they need simply access their virtual membership cards (through the Amilia app for iPhone or Android mobile devices) and pass it under the scanner for entry. They can also scan a printed copy of their membership card.

The Kiosk works ideally under specific conditions:

  • With a scanner (if you do not have a scanner we suggest working from the Monitoring Tab); and
  • When monitoring clients that require a membership only

NOTE: While the Kiosk will record a list of all those who have scanned their memberships, it cannot perform the Check-In/Check-out function (available for activity-based controls).


Using the Scanner

Amilia does not supply scanners but click here for a list of 2D scanners we recommend.  In addition, a mobile support unit (such as a tablet) is a good idea as you’ll need a computer and screen made available to your customers.  The idea is to have your customers pass their physical and/or virtual memberships under the scanner themselves. 


Upon scanning a card, the system will detect if the membership is valid. When scanned, the client’s membership card will appear on the screen with the following information:

  • The client’s name;
  • The client’s home and email address;
  • A photo of the client (if applicable); and
  • The name and expiry date of the client’s membership.


Access granted: When the access has been granted to your clients, they will see a large green check mark appear, allowing them to pass through your facility.



Access denied: A large red X will appear in a circle on the client's membership card. The reason for the refusal will also be clearly indicated.



Code does not exist: An exclamation point will appear if the client doesn’t meet the requirements for entrance. Most of the time the client is missing the required membership.




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