Using the Monitoring Feature

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Whether you use a scanner, manually enter your client's name or Membership ID’s, each entry is recorded in the Monitoring Tab. You’ll have an at a glance view of:

  • Your participant list;
  • Quick access to each participant’s account;
  • Information pertaining to the applicable Membership and/or activity;
  • The balance due for each participant’s account;
  • The date and time in which Amilia recorded a participant’s check-in;
  • The date and time in which Amilia recorded a participant’s check-out; and
  • Legal Guardian and Emergency contact Security information for child participants.


How the Check-In/Check-Out works

By default, only the entries of the current day are displayed. To view previous entries, change the Start date or use the Add filter drop-down menu.DATES_ENG.png


1. Start by clicking your cursor in the blank field so you can scan or manually enter the participant’s membership number. 


You can also 'Lookup' the name or email of a participant.


2. To Check-in:

If your control includes an activity:

  •   You will see an option to check in the participant.
  •   Click Check-in to register the date and time your participant arrived.



If your control is for memberships only:

  •    You can still validate your client but no check-in option is offered.



3. To Check-out:

  •  Your Access control must have the Check-out option enabled;
  •  Lookup (name or email), scan or manually enter the participant’s Amilia ID as they leave;
  •  You will see a Check-out box appear (for activities only); and
  •  Click on Check-out to record the date and time the participant left your facility.



Security Feature

If security during child pick-ups and drop-offs is a concern, our Check-in/Check-out feature will help ensure proper tracking during these busy times. Parents can rest easy knowing that during each check-in and check-out the following information is displayed:

  • The name of the participant;
  • Photo of the participant (if one has been uploaded in their client account);
  • Photo of Parent(s) (if one is uploaded in their client account); and
  • Name(s) of Emergency Contact(s).

Enable this feature by selecting ‘Track Responsible’ in your control configuration.

When the child is ready to leave, lookup (name or email), scan or enter their Amilia ID to chq_eng.png You will be able to select with whom the child left your facilities. 




NOTE: The responsible guardian list is generated from the Primary and Secondary legal guardian information as well as Emergency contacts. You can update this information within the client’s file via Clients>Account Members under the ‘Contacts section. It is suggested to add contact requirements on your registration forms to ensure the information is provided.




Attendance Lists

Attendance Lists are automatically updated in the Activities Tab as you scan or manually enter your participant’s membership ID’s during check-in.

You can export data showing on the Monitoring tab via OPERATIONS_ENGS.png

Export the entire list of participants who checked in and checked out as well as a report that specifies late check-ins and outs.



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