How to use the Overview Feature

This amazing feature is available by request. To try it out, contact us at and we’ll unlock the module for you.


The Overview Tab gives staff a quick summary of:

  • Registered Participants expected for an activity;
  • Who has arrived; and
  • Who has not left at the end of an activity…ensuring no child is left behind!

Whether you’ve used your scanner or manually entered your client’s membership ID, every client file is recorded in the Overview.




Pending: On the day of the activity, Amilia will display the list of registered participants.

Checked In: Upon arrival, scan or enter their membership ID via the Monitoring Tab. The participant’s name will migrate to the Checked in column (if attending an activity).

Checked Out:  As participants leave your facility after an activity, scan or enter their membership ID to migrate the name to the checked out column.                                                

NOTE: You must enable the Check-out configuration in your Access Management control.


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