Viewing Staff Schedules

Staff Management is a new module under active development. We have very exciting features coming soon (recruitment, advanced scheduling, a mobile app for staff, etc.); so keep an eye on this module!

If you are currently using the old Staff module and would like to experience the new Staff Scheduling functionality, let us know at and we'll unlock the module for you!



The Staff>Schedule module allows you to quickly view your staff member's schedule so you can see who's busy, when.

With Staff schedule you can:

  • View staff availability by day, week and month to aid in scheduling.
  • Filter staff schedules by name and tags
  • Send staff schedules via an email through Amilia


 Schedules at a Glance

There are two ways to arrive at the Schedule viewer:

1. Via a Staff Member's profile:STAFFER_1.png


2. Via Staff> Schedule:




The Schedule viewer will appear, showing you a complete list of your staff and their bookings. Select whether you wish to view the Schedule by day, week or month.




How to Filter your Staff

To view an individual staff member's schedule, or to display specific staff members with specific tags, use the filter fields:

  • By Name:


  • By Tag:



To access a staff member's profile to edit/add availabilities, click on their name.

To access an activity and open the activity editing page, click on an activity in the schedule viewer.


Send Schedules to your Staff

You can send your staff members their schedules at any time by clicking SEND_SCHEDULES_ENG_1.png.

Emails will be sent to all your staff members and will include schedule details for the 14 days following the Start date you select.





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