Failed Credit Card and E-Check Notifications

No report required! Amilia now offers the possibility to enable email notifications to be sent to your administrator(s) whenever a planned credit card or E-check payment has been refused.


How do failed payment notifications work?

Your administrator(s) will receive an email that a credit card and/or e-check payment has failed in the following scenarios:

  • Planned payment (credit card and/or e-check) has failed.
  • E-check payment made during checkout has failed.



Turn on the notifications via the Account>Options tab and scroll to the Notifications section. 


  1. Enter one or more administrator emails who will receive the failed payment notifications.
  2. Be sure to SAVE.png.



Here are examples of the email your administrator(s) can expect to receive:

  • For planned credit card payments



  •  For any E-check payments



The account owner will also be sent a notification informing them to contact your organization.

For more detailed information on a failed payment, check your Netbanx or payment processor account.


When is a notification sent?

 Credit Cards:  If a planned payment by credit card fails, a notification is sent the same day the payment was scheduled to pass.  

E-checks (Direct Debit):  It can take up to 10 business days for an e-check payment to be processed or refused.

 A payment is tried once before it generates an email notification. The system will still try to process future payments.


You can access information on the status of your postdated payments via the Finance tab by downloading the following reports:

  • E-check payment status
  • Postdated payment status


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