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Staff Management is a new module under active development. We have very exciting features coming soon (recruitment, advanced scheduling, a mobile app for staff, etc.); so keep an eye on this module!

If you are currently using the old Staff module and would like to experience the new Staff Scheduling functionality, let us know at and we'll unlock the module for you!


 An integral part of managing your staff is having the right people in the right place at the right time! Amilia can help streamline the process of organizing your staff schedules by offering a system that allows you to define and view staff availability by day, week and month as well as send Staff schedules via email.


 Once you define when your staff is available, you will be able to assign them to activities and email their schedules.


How to Configure an Availability


 1. Select the staff member.


 2. Select ‘Try adding an availability now’



3. Name the staff member’s schedule. (Ex: Summer Schedule, Weekend Schedule, etc.)



4. Date Range: By clicking your cursor in this field you can determine the availability range.


  • Select the start and end date. They must be consecutive days. If you need to configure separate individual days, create a new availability range.


  • Once the time range is selected, click outside of the calendar to close it. Configure the day/hours of availability within your date range.




5. Don't forget to SAVE_ENG.png. If you don't require the availability, you can Delete_ENG.png.


6. To remove a staff member from your list, click their name and select archive_ENG.png.


 NOTE: Add Availability options for your Staff member(s) as often as needed!      


Staff can Add their Own Availability!

Your staff can now add their own availability and see when they're booked using our Amilia app for iPhone or Android mobile devices.

Invite them to log in using their mobile device and click on the calendar icon. They can input their availabilities under the Availability tab on the upper left-hand corner of their screen. This information will automatically update in the Staff module.   The Schedule tab will show when they are scheduled for an activity.


NOTE: Your staff member must be added in the  Staff>Management tab in order for them to have access via the mobile app.  Staff must use the mobile app in order to add or edit their availability.



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