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Staff Management is a new module under active development. We have very exciting features coming soon (recruitment, advanced scheduling, a mobile app for staff, etc.); so keep an eye on this module!

If you are currently using the old Staff module and would like to experience the new Staff Scheduling functionality, let us know at and we'll unlock the module for you!


Part of managing your staff’s schedule is making sure they are assigned to the right activities and are available to work! With Fully Flexible Scheduling you can link your staff to activities as you create/edit them and be notified of any availability conflicts.

Once your staff is associated to an activity, you will be able to view and send out their schedules.


Linking your Staff to an Activity

1. Via Activities-Edit, scroll to the Schedule and Resources Section of an activity. You can select an existing Schedule or Add a new one.



2. Click on Assign_Staff_button_EN.png.


 A drop-down list will appear of your existing staff. Select as many staffers as required.


What are Staff Conflicts?

Conflicts can be caused by the following:

  • Your staff member is already scheduled for another activity at the same time; and/or
  • You did not define your staff member's availability for that day.
  • Your staff member is not available that day.


 Fully Flexible Scheduling allows you to see if there are any schedule conflicts:



 By clicking on PLUS_eng.pngyou'll be able to see which dates are causing the conflict.


 You can edit your activity schedule via 'Click here to save and modify the occurrence(s)'.


If you simply need to create the availability in your staff member's schedule, return to Staff module, select their name and 'Add Availability'.

It could be that your staffer is not available because they are engaged in a different activity


Show Staff in Your Store & on Invoices

If you'd like to advertise staff members alongside your activities, you can display their name in the store as well as on invoices on a per activity basis. 



When you've finished assigning your staff members to activities, an easy way to visualize their schedules at a glance is via Staff-Schedule.  


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