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Optimize your hiring with Amilia's Staff Recruitment module! Staff Recruitment allows you to manage the process of job posting and managing applications right through to hiring your staff. Get the right person in the right place at the right time! 

If you would like to experience the new Staff Management and Recruitment functionality, let us know at and we'll unlock the module for you.


Administrators will create, manage and view all public and private job listings via the Staff Recruitment>Jobs tab.  

Once your Job posting page is completed in the Recruitment Settings tab, you can begin creating your individual Job posting(s).

There are two steps to posting a Job:

  • Create the Staff form which your applicants will complete when applying for the position. 
  • Create the New Job posting and link your Staff form.


Step 1: Creating a Staff form

It is through the Staff form that applicants will be able to communicate to you why they are an ideal candidate for the position. 

You can create your Staff form via the Account>Forms tab.



1. 6._New_form_ENG.png and select Staff form.


2. Name your Staff form for easy identification (ex: Administrative assistant Form) 


3. 7._Save_ENG.png.  


4. Staff forms are comprised entirely of Extra questions. You can start using existing Extra Questions or Add new ones. 




Step 2: Creating a Job posting

Once you're finished creating your Staff form, return to the Staff>Recruitment>Jobs section to create your Job posting.


1. Click on 3._New_Job_Posting_button_EN.png.


2. Fill in the fields with the required information about your job posting:


Visibility: Public job postings will automatically appear on your Job postings page.   Hidden job postings are only accessible via the Secret Link.  

Secret Link: A link will populate after you've saved your Job posting. If your posting is hidden, you can send this link to desired recipients. 

Facility: If you have created Facilities in the Resources Tab, you can link your facility to your Job posting. The Facility's contact information will display in the job posting. 

Forms: In the Account>Forms tab, you can create Staff forms which are designed specifically for your applicants to complete when applying for a job you've posted.  Different jobs may require different forms so create as many as needed. 


 3. Be sure to 7._Save_ENG.png.


Managing your Jobs

Every job posting you create can be viewed in the Jobs subtab. You can filter your postings by Status ( Open, Closed or All).  


Job Title: The name you attributed to your Job posting. 

Form: The Staff form you linked to your Job posting. Click on it to go directly to your Form edit page if modifications are required. 

Date Created: The day your Job posting was created.

Applicants: The number of applicants who have applied for the job. Click on the number to view Applicant information. You will be directed to the Applications subtab.

Visibility: Is your job showing in the Job postings page (Public) or is a secret link required to access it (Hidden)?

Actions: You can Delete, Close or View your job posting. You can only Delete a job posting if no applicants have applied. 


How to delete or close a Job posting

A job posting is no longer required if the position has been filled or you no longer need it showing on the Job posting page.  

  • Delete the posting if no applicants have applied. Deleted Job postings cannot be retrieved.
  • Close the posting if the position has been filled or will be used at a later time. Archived job postings will disappear from your list of Open Jobs.

  You can view Closed Jobs by filtering for Closed or All



To reactivate a Closed Job, click on the Job title and then 10.Reopen_ENG.png.


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