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Optimize your hiring with Amilia's Staff Recruitment module! Staff Recruitment allows you to manage the process of job posting and managing applications right through to hiring your staff. Get the right person in the right place at the right time! 

If you would like to experience the new Staff Management and Recruitment functionality, let us know at and we'll unlock the module for you.


The Job posting page is where the general public can access your public job openings. 



In addition to adding your logo, you can also customize the verbiage displayed on the page.    Create and tailor your Job posting page via Staff-Recruitment>Recruitment Settings.  


NOTE: Do you support both French and English? If so, click on the Store>Customize tab to enable!



Creating your Job Posting page

Edit the default text provided so that your Job posting page reflects your organization.  We've included tools (including HTML) that will allow you to customize your message in a variety of ways to give it that personal touch. 


  • Your Job Posting page is accessible by link only.  Click on 22.posting_page_link_EN.png to access it.
  • You can copy the URL and embed it on your organization's website or send it to desired parties.
  • The Job posting page is not accessible through your Amilia Store.
  • Hit 7._Save_ENG.png to update your Job posting page.


Once your Job posting page is created, you can start adding & managing your job postings. You can make your job posting public (so that it displays automatically on your job posting page) OR you can create private job postings which can only be accessed via a secret link. 



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