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Optimize your hiring with Amilia's Staff Recruitment module! Staff Recruitment allows you to manage the process of job posting and managing applications right through to hiring your staff. Get the right person in the right place at the right time! 

If you would like to experience the new Staff Management and Recruitment functionality, let us know at and we'll unlock the module for you.


The Staff Recruitment>Applications section allows you to see who has applied for which job. From here you can:

  • View Applicants and completed Staff forms (applicable to Job position); 
  • Add  administrative notes to your applicant's profile;
  • Keep track of your applicant's status; and
  • Accept or Reject an applicant's request for hire.


Applicants can view and apply to job postings by:

  • Following an embedded link on your website to view Public postings; and/or
  • Using a Hidden link provided to them by an administrator to view Private postings.


The Application Process - Step by step

The procedure for applying to a Public or Private posting remains the same.


1. The applicant will select the job posting of interest and then select Apply.



2. Applicants are required to create an Amilia account if they do not already have one. 


3. After sign-in your applicant will complete the Staff form you linked to the Job Posting. 


4. When finished, they will click 13.Apply_ENG.png.


An email will be sent to both the applicant and the administrator who created the Job Posting confirming a successful application was made. 


Managing your Applicants

All applications can be viewed in the order they were submitted under the Applications sub-tab. 


  • View an applicant's completed Staff form application by clicking on their Name.
  • View the Job Posting Edit page by clicking on it under Job title.
  • View the status of your applicants under the Status column. 


Interested in Hiring your Applicant? 

Amilia offers a simple way to manage prospective employees and their application status by allowing you to track each stage of the hiring process.

To access someone's application, simply click on their name in the Applications sub-tab. 



  • Add notes in the Admin Notes section. To save, click 17.Add_Note_ENG.png.
  • Toggle the Status of your Applicant in the Control Panel. Changes are saved automatically and will also be displayed in the Applications sub-tab. 
  • When you've found the right person for the job, click 18._HIRE_ENG.png.


What happens once I've hired a new Staff member? 

Upon clicking Hire you will be prompted with the following message:



Amilia saves you an extra step by automatically updating your new Staff member and their contact information in the Staff-Management section.

This means you can immediately begin configuring their availabilities and assigning them to your activities! 


Closing a Job Listing

Remember to keep your Job Posting page up to date. Whether a new team member has been hired or you're no longer looking for a position to be filled, you must Close your public/hidden job listing. 

Via Staff Recruitment>Jobs, under the Actions column, select Close.



The job listing will disappear from your Open view but you can always retrieve it (and associated applications) by filtering for Closed job postings. You can toggle Closed job postings to Open if the need arises to hire for the same position in the future.




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