How to access your Virtual Amilia ID and Membership cards

The Amilia app keeps all of your membership numbers in one place at the touch of a button! 


Are you or your child a member of an organization that offers memberships to its affiliates? 

Is a membership required for entry at any of the facilities you're registered to? 

Amilia offers a simple way for you to keep yours and your family's club memberships on hand! By downloading the Amilia app for iPhone and/or Android devices, you can pull up the virtual Amilia ID number and barcode for any member in your Amilia account. This allows administrators from organizations to verify your membership and scan your barcode for entry (if applicable).


Downloading the Amilia app

Follow these links on your mobile device:

Amilia app for iPhone

Amilia app for Android


You can also search for the Amilia app in the Apple and/or Google Play Stores.

Next time you need to show your membership, just pull out your device! 


How does the Amilia app work? 

 1.Amilia_app.png Once downloaded, the Amilia app icon will appear on your mobile device.


 The Amilia app allows you to:

  • Provide virtual proof of membership if an organization requires its members to have a membership card;
  • Access any account member's profile displaying their Amilia ID and barcode. This is useful if an organization needs to scan your ID for entry; and
  •  Upload new profile pictures for your account members. 


  • Scroll left to right/right to left to view each member's profile picture, barcode (for scanning) and Amilia ID (P#######).
  • To quickly display a member's profile, click on the LIST button to and select the name.
  • To add/change a member's profile picture, click on the 4.Edit_button.png icon.
  • To toggle your preferred language ( English or French), click on the 3._Settings_button.png icon.



Our mobile app is a work in progress!  Stay tuned for updates on new features to help you manage yours and your family's registrations!





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