Time Tracking for your Staff

Amilia is actively developing a time tracking module that aids in your payroll process by providing a report that details each staff member's hourly wage and the total hours spent overseeing activities.  To try this module out, please contact us at product@amilia.com or productmarketing@amilia.com.

This feature works in conjunction with:

  • The Activities module to allow you to link your staff member to activities and track the hours they worked. 


Part of managing your staff is tracking the hours they work! Why worry about manually adding time sheets when Amilia can do it for you? The time sheet report will give you:

  • Date and time of each applicable activity occurrence;
  • Name, category, subcategory and program of each activity;
  • Total number of participants enrolled per activity occurrence;
  • Pay rate and total hours worked per activity occurrence; and
  • Ledger code and net revenue per activity occurrence. 


Setup is easy! Create your staff profile(s), add an hourly rate, link to activities and you've got yourself a time sheet!


Create your Staff profile

It all starts with the Staff Management module!

Simply create your staff member's profile or access the profile of an existing staff member. 

NOTE: Did you know staff can add their availabilities via the Amilia mobile app?  


Add Base Hourly Rate

When the Time Tracking feature is activated you can assign a Role and/or Rate to staff. 


  • Roles: Create (or add an existing) tag to describe the staff member's position. Currently it's used for informational purposes only but we have big plans on how to utilize Role tags in the future, so don't be shy about assigning them!
  • Rate: Indicate the hourly base rate. This rate can be changed at any time. 

NOTE: At this time, changing a staff member's rate will affect all past rate data in the time sheet reports. (Ex: Your staff member gets a raise from $15 to $16. You change the rate. In your time sheet report, the rate will be $16$, even for days when the actual rate was still $15)

We suggest saving your time sheet to your computer if you need to reference them in the future.


Linking Staff to Activities

Amilia tracks your staff's time by referencing their activity schedules so you must link your staff to activities. 

You can link staff to new and existing activities via the Activities>Edit tab. Click here for instructions!


Exporting Time Sheets

Export all of your staff's time sheets to Excel via the Staff Management>Staff tab. 


The time sheet report is divided by tabs representing each Staff member who worked within the Start/End period.  

You can pull your report up to one day prior to the current day (ex: On the 22nd of Aug, you can export your time sheets up until the 21rst). 


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