Cost Recovery

It's no organization needs to recover its costs to be sustainable. Overseeing total costs vs revenue is imperative in determining the health and viability of the programs and services you offer.  Make sure your organization runs efficiently using Amilia's Cost Recovery tool!


 Are you an organization trying to justify the need for subsidies and sponsorship but unsure of how to establish which programs and services require them? Looking to boost income while minimizing your deficit, without compromising efficiency? Identifying the actual costs of operation and defining cost recovery targets empowers you to make informed decisions regarding fees and allocation of resources where it will provide the most value.


A cost recovery analysis is the first step towards finding cost recovery solutions! Amilia's Cost Recovery module provides:

  • An easy-to-use template with all the necessary fields for an effective cost analysis;
  • Real-time data to track how activities are doing (available to Amilia subscribers); and
  • A Dashboard that uses data visualization to let you know at a glance how optimized each service category is.

This module is unique in the sense that you don't need to take online registrations through Amilia to reap the benefits of it! To find out more, click on the appropriate link.


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