Step 1: Creating Service Categories and Target Recovery %

Amilia provides a real-time view of where your activities stand in achieving their cost recovery goals. Your organization can accurately forecast program costs, duly allocate subsidies as well as establish minimum participation levels needed to meet or exceed total expenditures. Contact if you'd like to try it out!



Let's define some terms we'll be using in the context of cost recovery:

  • Service Categories-  Typically represent the services you provide to your clients (sports, clubs, camps, training sessions, public sector, beginner activities, expert activities, senior programs, after-school programs, etc.);
  • Target %- Cost recovery percentage to be achieved, within a service category; and
  • Cost Recovery %- Actual cost recovery percentage, within a service category.


If you use Amilia for online registrations, you must first create your programs and activities via the Activities module (they will appear in the Cost Recovery module as you create them).   Do not use the template to import data into Amilia.

Download_our_Sample_EN.png  import_button_EN.png

The template is meant for users who do not use Amilia for registration purposes. They can generate data to test out the module prior to uploading a template which is used to import their programs and activities into Amilia.

NOTE: You can still download the template to check out its comprehensive glossary!



Listing Categories and Targets

3 steps are required to set up your analysis:

  • Create Service Categories and target recovery %;
  • Create your Direct, Indirect and Facility costs; and
  • Assign Service Categories and Direct costs to your activities.

Service Categories are used to organize activities that have the same cost recovery goals.    By associating categories and direct/indirect costs to your activities, you can calculate the percentage of costs being covered by revenue per category in addition to each activity. 

Full cost recovery may not necessarily be your goal! For subsidized organizations, it's a matter of determining which community services require additional subsidies vs those that cater more to individual benefits. As such, you can specify your own Target % goals.



  • New Service Category: Click this button to create each individual category. Add as many as needed although it's best practice to keep it under 20.
  • Name: Edit the name of your Service Category. Use the examples provided above as a reference.
  • Target %: Indicate the Cost Recovery Target you wish to achieve in this category.
  • Cost Recovery %: This column will auto-update in correspondence to the net revenue vs total costs incurred within that category.


Below, we've established our service categories and the cost percentage we're aiming to recover. The Cost Recovery % column tracks how close we are to achieving our Target % objectives.


Targets can be edited at any time.  To remove a Service Category, click the garbage_can_icon_EN.pngicon.

Further down the page is a Filter section and the list of all your activities. We'll get back to those a little later.  It's time to create a full list of your Facility costs, your direct costs and your administrative costs, which will be applied to your individual activities and services.



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