Step 3: Assigning Categories and Costs to Activities

You're just a few clicks away from launching your real-time cost recovery analysis! Linking categories and direct costs is easy and you can leave the number crunching to Amilia!


Once your Service Categories, recovery targets, direct and indirect costs have been established, you can link them to your list of activities via the Cost Recovery>Cost Recovery tab.



  •  Service Category: Assign one category to the activity. The target percentage associated with the category will be used to measure the cost recovery of the applicable activity.
  •  Direct Cost: Assign as many direct costs applicable to the activity. Add and remove costs at any time (calculations will update accordingly).


Filtering Activities

All your activities are listed on the Cost Recovery tab. However, the list can get pretty long depending on the number of services you offer. Filters facilitate locating the ones you need.


  • Seasons: Filter by Programs.
  • Sessions:  Filter by Categories.
  • Service Types:  Filter by Sub-Categories.
  • Service Categories: Filter by the Service Categories you created.
  • Clear Filters: Clear the filters and restore the full list of activities.

 NOTE: To filter, you must begin by choosing a Season, then a Session, followed by the Service Type etc.  You won't be able to filter by a Service Type unless you've specified the Season and Session first. You can filter immediately by Service Category.


Deleting Activities

 The only way to delete activities from the Cost Recovery tab is to delete them via the Activities module. You cannot delete an activity that has had registrations (even if cancelled).


Amilia provides a clear visualization of your data in the form of graphs and pie charts. It's a great way to get an at a glance view of the status of each of your Service Categories!


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