Cost Recovery Dashboard

Data visualization is useful in conveying and interpreting information. Amilia converts cost recovery statistics into simple graphs to illustrate the differences between service categories and the proportion of revenue each one represents.


The Cost Recovery>Dashboard tab communicates cost recovery data using 2 types of graphs:

  • Bar Graph: Illustrate where Service Categories are in relation to their cost recovery target %; and
  • Pie Charts: Illustrates in proportions the % of revenue accrued by Service Category, Season and Session. 


The Bar Graph

The graph represents the actual vs the target cost recovery for each service category.


The horizontal axis shows the Service Categories. The vertical axis can be read in two ways


Actual_EN.png Actual: The vertical axis will represent the % of cost recovery achieved. 

Target_EN.png Target: The vertical axis will represent the % target of cost recovery to be met.


Hovering over a bar will show you data pertaining to the Service Category.





The Pie Charts

Amilia uses Pie charts to display and compare revenue percentages for your Service Categories, Seasons and Sessions.

Click on a Service Category on the bar graph and a pie chart will immediately appear underneath. Hovering over a slice will show you the name, revenue, total cost and cost recovery %. This information is also displayed on the table to the right of the chart. 



Clicking on a slice representing a Season will open another pie chart that breaks down each Session within the Season.



Clicking on a slice representing a Session will open a final pie chart that breaks down each Service Type within the Session.



 To save an image of a graph, click on the DOWNLOAD_button.pngicon to download it to your computer. 


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