Manage your Activities in Cost Recovery

The Cost Recovery tab displays the full list of activities along with revenue and cost breakdowns based on the data you import. You can also add new Service Categories and assign additional costs you may have missed initially. 


The Cost Recovery tab provides the following information:

  • List of Service Categories;
  • Filter bar to easily locate specific services;
  • List of activities/services;
  • Net Revenue 
  • Direct Costs per activity
  • Total Direct and Indirect Costs per activity
  • Cost Recovery % 


Manually Add Service Categories

You may wish to add more Service Categories without performing another import upload. 


  • New Service Category: Click this button to create each individual category. Add as many as needed although it's best practice to keep it under 20.
  • Name: Edit the name of your Service Category. 
  • Target %: Indicate the Cost Recovery Target you wish to achieve in this category.
  • Cost Recovery %: The percentage of cost recovery achieved in relation to the target.

Targets can be edited at any time. To remove a Service Category, click the garbage_can_icon_EN.pngicon. 


 Assign Service Categories, Facilities and Costs

Now's the time to link your service categories, facilities and costs to each individual activity. 


  •  Service Category: Assign one category to the activity. The target % associated to the   category will be used to measure the cost recovery of the applicable activity.
  •  Facility: Assign one facility to the activity. 
  •  Direct Cost: Assign as many direct costs applicable to the activity. Add and remove costs at any time (calculations will update accordingly).

The list of costs you created can be found in the Costs tab


Filtering Activities

The list of services can get pretty long depending on the number you offer. Use the filters to facilitate locating the ones you need. 


  • Seasons: Filter by Programs.
  • Sessions:  Filter by Categories.
  • Service Types:  Filter by Sub-Categories.
  • Service Categories: Filter by the Service Categories you created.
  • Clear Filters: Clear the filters and restore the full list of activities.

NOTE: To filter, you must begin by choosing a Season, then a Session, followed by the Service Type etc.  You won't be able to filter by a Service Type unless you've specified the Season and Session first. You can filter immediately by Service Category.


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