Deleting and Updating Cost Recovery Data

If you need to update your current cost recovery data using the template or wish to remove fake data prior to using the module, there are steps you need to take. 


Organizations that do not use Amilia for online registration purposes can still utilize the Cost Recovery module by importing their data using the template provided.  Prior to uploading your data, you may also choose to generate fake data to get a look and feel at how the module works. 

Amilia updates cost recovery analyses in real time for those who process online registrations via the platform. If your organization does not, then you must delete all existing data before uploading a new template. 


How do I Delete my Data?

There are 2 instances when you will need to delete your data in Cost Recovery: 

  • Remove fake data:  Clicking on Generate_Data.png when first using Cost Recovery generates sample data that allows you to preview how the module works.  However, there comes a time when you're ready to import your own data using the cost recovery template. 


  • Update existing data: Already used the template for your first analysis and want to update it with new information? You must remove existing information before importing your new template. 


Step 1: Deleting your data via Cost Recovery

Start by clicking on Delete_button_EN.png on the upper right of the screen. 



Step 2: Remove activities and programs 

To remove activities, start by clicking on the Activities module and then the Edit subtab.



Select a program and put a checkmark in the first box available. This should select ALL activities.



Fake data can generate up to several programs, so be sure to repeat this process for each one!



Click on the Programs subtab and Archive each program individually.



Step 3: Archive Facilities

Select the Resources module, click on a Facility. Scroll to the bottom and select Archive. Repeat for each Facility.




How do I Update my Data?

 The template is meant for organizations that do not take registrations online through Amilia. Before uploading any template, be sure that all existing data has been deleted. 

You can update your existing template with new information (no need to start from scratch!). 

When your template is ready, please submit to and they will be happy to import the data for you.  In the future, organizations will be able to update their data themselves. Stay tuned!


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