How to Enter Payments and Deposits in a Client's Account?

Enter payments and deposits within a client's account via the Clients>Client Billing tab.


An administrator can access a client's account via the Clients tab by searching their name. Click on their name and migrate to the Client Billing subtab.



You can Make a payment within a client's account:

  • Via the OPERATIONS_EN.png menu; or
  • Via an invoice by clicking on the invoice_plus_EN.png icon to the right.

When you make a payment, you are applying a payment to an existing balance. You have the option to reconcile your payment to an invoice. You cannot exceed the total account balance. 


You can Make an Account Deposit within a client's account:

  • Via the OPERATIONS_EN.png menu.

When you make an account deposit, you're storing funds in the account for future use           (ex: bursaries, cash advances, etc.). Can be any amount, regardless if there's an account balance or not.   


Make a Payment

You can make a payment using the Operations button or through an invoice.


Type: Your payment settings will determine if you can add payments online (credit card and E-check) or by other forms of offline payment. 

Installments: If you choose to use Installments, you must provide the amount of the initial installment as well as the details for future installments.

Reconcile this payment: Choose to link your payment by checking next to an invoice and assigning your payment to individual invoice items. 


If a payment is made via Operations, it cannot exceed the total balance in the account. 


Make Account Deposit

You can make an account deposit using the Operations button only.


You cannot create Installments with Account Deposits.

An account deposit is a payment made for future consideration. You can choose to reconcile it to the appropriate invoice once it has been created.

Can be any amount, regardless if there is a balance or not. 

You can refund an account deposit via Operations> Make Refund.


Which Finance Report Tracks Payments?

You can access your finance reports via the Finance>Reports tab.

  •  Account Deposit Summary: Details your account deposits only.
  • Breakdown of Payments: Details totals for each payment type and which administrator entered the payment (if applicable).
  • Payment by Ledger Code: View the total of each payment type by ledger code. You must reconcile your invoice items to payments for these reports to be accurate.
  • Payment Summary: Details totals for each payment type.

If you take credit cards and/or E-checks online, you can also benefit from these reports:

  • Netbanx Settlement and Fee- Credit card (or E-Check): Provides details on online payments such as: payment date, method, amount, client name and batch date.



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