Manage your Credit Card in your User Account


Saving your credit card to your account is a safe and convenient way to speed up the checkout process and keep track of upcoming payments. You can also authorize organizations to automatically charge your credit card for future purchases or towards an existing balance in your account.


In this article you will learn how to:

1. Add or edit a credit card.

2. View authorizations and upcoming payments.

3. Delete your card details.


Got the Amilia app? Click here to learn more about managing your credit card using the Amilia app for mobile devices.


1. Add/Edit a Credit Card

There are two ways you can save your card details within your Amilia user account.

  • Via the Payment Method tab; and/or
  • Make a purchase from an organization and save your card at checkout.

NOTE: Only one credit card can be saved at a time.


Payment Method Tab

Click on the Payment Method tab to add and manage your credit card details.

  • Enter your card details and click Save card.
  • The next time you make a purchase in an organization's store, you will have the option to use your saved credit card. No need to input it again!
  • To update your card information, click Replace.
  • Return to the main account view by clicking User Account.



At Checkout

You may also add or your card when proceeding through checkout. It will update automatically in the Payment Method tab in your user account.

NOTE: When saving your card at checkout, you must give authorization to the organization to charge your credit card toward future agreed upon transactions (if they make a purchase on your behalf), or wish to clear a balance in your account. If you don't want to grant authorization but still wish to use a saved card, simply save your card details via the Payment Method tab prior to making a purchase in the Store.

  • Enter your card details and check 'I authorize to charge my card for future transactions and any other agreed upon purchases'.
  • The next time you make a purchase in the organization's Amilia store, you can choose to use your saved details for payment. 
  • If you use a different card, the card will only be used for that specific payment and will not be updated in the Payment Method tab in your user account.


NOTE: Credit card information is not saved in Amilia. It is sent to the payment processor which is certified by Visa and Mastercard. You may notice an $0.01 pending transaction on your credit card the first time you opt to save it. This is a temporary validation method used by the payment processor. The $0.01 transaction will disappear within 5 business days.  


2. View Authorizations and Upcoming Payments 


Authorizing an organization to use your saved card may come in handy if an administrator makes a purchase on your behalf and needs to take payment. After you've visited an organization's online store, the organization's name will appear in the Payment Method tab. You can also authorize an organization to use your credit card while paying at checkout. Feel free to toggle their authorization status at any time.

  • Authorized organizations are those you have authorized to make payments on your behalf towards future purchases and/or a balance in your account. An unauthorized organization cannot.
  • Check or uncheck authorized organizations at your discretion.
  • If you update (replace) your card details, authorizations will be transferred to the new saved card. 



Upcoming Payments

If you opted to pay an organization in installments (planned payments) using your saved card, you can view your upcoming payments via the Payment Method tab.

  • The date and amount to be charged by an organization are displayed.
  • Replace your credit card if you need to update your details. Upcoming payments will be transferred to the new card.


3. Delete your Card Details

Remove your credit card details and revoke all authorizations by clicking Delete Card.

  • The option to delete your credit card is not available if you have upcoming payments. If the saved card must be deleted and you do not intend to replace it with updated information, contact the applicable organization(s) to delete the upcoming payments on their end. Once these are cancelled, you will have the option to delete your credit card.
  • Deleting a credit card will automatically remove all authorizations. The only way to grant authorization to the organization again (along with the ability to toggle the status) is by making another purchase in their online store.




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