Manage your Credit Card in your User Account


Saving your credit card to your account is a safe and convenient way to speed up the checkout process. You can also authorize organizations to automatically charge your credit card for future purchases or towards an existing balance in your account.


Manage and Delete your Payment Method

Manage your Authorizations

To view and manage your payment methods, select the Payment Method tab in your user account. If you do not have any payment methods saved, you will not see this tab in the menu.


Within the tab is a record of your card details and the organizations you gave authorization to during checkout. Check or uncheck authorized organizations at your discretion.

  • Authorized organizations are specific organizations you have authorized to make payments on your behalf towards future purchases and/or a balance in your account.
  • An unauthorized organization cannot.


Delete Payment Method

At any time you can remove your credit card details and revoke all authorizations by clicking on  Delete_Payment_method_EN.png. You will need to do this when updating an expired credit card.

Once removed, you'll notice the Payment Method tab no longer appears in your account. To add a new credit card, shop and proceed through checkout in an organization's Amilia store.

NOTE: Deleting your Payment Method will not cancel or change any post-dated payments made to an organization with your credit card. Contact the organization directly if you need to make changes to a credit card.


Adding a Payment Method

Save your card details in your Amilia account by making a purchase from an organization.



The next time you make a purchase and credit card payment in any organization's Amilia store, you can choose to use your saved details or use a different card (this will not change your saved card details).



NOTE: Credit card information is not saved in Amilia. It is sent to the payment processor which adheres to the strict PCI guidelines which stipulates rules to ensure confidential information is protected. All requests are sent over HTTPS which uses TLS1.2 as a means of encrypting data. This protocol ensures data is encrypted in a way that is unbreakable.



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