Private Lessons

Let your clients book private lessons anywhere, anytime, from any device.


Many organizations are undoubtedly familiar with the challenges related to managing, coordinating and scheduling private lessons. 

Amilia's Private Lessons feature automates this process by:

  • Providing an easy-to-use template to create your private lessons and make them available in your Amilia store;
  • Allowing you to link customized registration forms to get the information you need;
  • Updating Private Lesson availability based on staff availability and facility bookings;
  • Giving your clients 100% mobile optimized freedom to search and register for private lessons; and
  • Minimizing no-shows by sending calendar notifications to both the instructor(s) and participant(s).

Amilia's activities, facilities, and staff scheduling modules work in tandem with your private lessons to display accurate, real-time availability without administrator intervention. 


Getting Started

A little setup goes a long way! Ensure your private lessons offer accurate availability by reviewing this checklist:

Checkmark.png Staff profiles and availability are defined via the Staff Management module.
Checkmark.png Facilities are created and opening hours are specified via the Facilities module.

How it Works

1. Create a New Private Lesson

2. How Private Lessons use Staff and Facility availability

3. How do Clients Purchase Private Lessons?

4. Calendar updates



1. Create a New Private Lesson

There are differences when creating and selling your Private Lessons vs your other activities.

Private lessons are created via the Activities>Private Lessons sub-tab. They are also located in a section apart from the rest of your activities in your Amilia Store:


  • Name and Description: This information is visible to your clients in your Amilia Store.
  • Help us get a better idea of what you're offering by defining your lesson category. You can also suggest a new category if you can't find exactly what you're looking for. 
  • Forms: Choose an existing form or create a new one (if applicable). If no form is chosen, participants will only confirm their address information during registration.
  • Who can teach this private lesson?: Assign your staff member(s). When assigning multiple staff, keep in mind they won't be teaching the class together. It means one or the other is available to teach the class. The schedule for your private lesson is automatically generated based on their availability and that of the facility attached. 
  • Where can this private lesson be taught?: Assign one or more facilities. If multiple facilities are assigned and are located at different addresses, clients can choose which location they prefer.  
  • Status: Make your private lesson visible or hidden to participants in the store.
  • Buffer after booking (optional): Under additional settings, you can add a buffer between each private lesson. For example, if each private lesson is 1 hour, there will be x time inserted in between each private lesson to allow your staff to prepare for the lesson. 
  • Notice before booking (optional): Under additional settings, the minimum amount of time in advance that the lesson must be booked.
  • How far in advance can participant book (optional): How early a participant can book a lesson. 
  • Price: Define the cost of the private lesson per unit of time.
  • Payment: Which method of payment is accepted.
  • NOTE: You cannot apply a discount to a private lesson. Rather, you may create a MultiPass that is eligible for private lessons and associate discounts to the MultiPass itself. 



2. How Private Lessons use Staff and Facility Availability

Private Lessons also differ from your regular activities in the sense that schedules are not configured manually. The schedule for a private lesson is automatically generated based on the availability of the staff member and facility assigned to it. If a staff member is hosting an activity, they will not be available for a private lesson.  If the facility is reserved for an activity, it will not be available for a private lesson. 

NOTE: If a holiday is scheduled in the Account>Calendar subtab, no private lessons will be bookable on that date. 


Below, a client has the option to book a private lesson on Nov 27th at 3:00 PM and/or 4:00 PM.

  • Dates with availability are labeled with a green_dot.png.
  • The assigned staff's availability shows they are available to work at this time and are not engaged in another activity or private lesson
  • The facility where the private lesson is taking place is also available at this time. It has not been reserved for another activity or another private lesson.  
  • Staff and the facility must be free in order to display availability in Private Lessons. 


In order to rely on the accuracy of your private lesson availability, it's important that your staff members and facilities are assigned to the rest of your activity roster in the Activities tab.

NOTE: If you prefer managing your private lessons manually, create them as drop-ins via the Activity-Edit subtab. However, you will be responsible for building the schedule and ensuring your staff and facility are available. 


Suggested Facility Setup

Understanding how Parent and Child facilities work will ensure your private lesson availability displays as expected.

A Parent location is the main facility, which can be divided into parts (Child facilities). When a parent location is booked, it reserves all the Child facilities within it. A building can be divided into rooms, each of which can be reserved independently. If the entire building is booked, all Child facilities are automatically booked as well.

A Child facility is a part of the parent location. When booked, only that portion of the main facility (Parent location) is in use. For example, one room (child facility) within a building is reserved. All other rooms (child facilities) are available.

Assuming your private lessons don't have a designated room and just require some space, here's an example of how you can set up your facilities:

1. Add your Parent facility.

2. Add your Child facilities (break down your Parent facility/location).

3. Add Child facilities designated for Private Lessons. In terms of how many to create, think about how many private lessons you can offer while your facilities are in use.

When assigning facilities to your activities, keep in mind:

  • Don't assign the Parent Facility unless there's an activity that uses the whole location.
  • Assign your regular group activities to the appropriate Child facility (ex: Main Gym).
  • Assign a Private Lesson facility to your Private Lesson.




3. How do Clients Purchase Private Lessons?

Participants can register by clicking on the designated Private Lessons tab in your Amilia store.

NOTE: Administrators can book private lessons on behalf of their clients by following the same process. 

  • All visible private lessons are displayed on the main page.
  • Click on the > icon to select the private lesson. 
  • Choose an instructor if more than one is assigned to the private lesson. 
  • If assigned facilities have differing locations, choose a location to view its availability.
  • Dates with availability are identified with a green_dot.png. Choose a date and time to register. 
  • The class, instructor, location, time and price are displayed. Choose a participant to enroll. 
  • Checkout or Continue shopping to return to the main store page.








Purchase with a MultiPass

Clients can easily enroll in private lessons using a MultiPass.

  • Via the Memberships>MultiPass subtab, create a new MultiPass or edit an existing one.
  • Scroll down to the Activities section.
  • Add eligible private lessons to the MultiPass.
  • NOTE: A client's MultiPass must have private lessons enabled in order to enroll with their MultiPass.



Clients can see when a MultiPass is eligible for private lessons:

  • By clicking the + icon, clients can view the list of eligible lessons.
  • They must first purchase the MultiPass and proceed through checkout before it can be used to enroll in a private lesson.
  • Once purchased, clients can click to Reserve their spot immediately, which redirects them the front page of the store.
  • If a client has an eligible MultiPass, a remaining pass will automatically be used.
  • If a client does not have a MultiPass, they will pay as usual.




4. Calendar Updates

Amilia keeps everyone updated when booking Private Lessons!

  • Participants and assigned staff receive an email and calendar invitation;
  • Staff can view their updated schedules using the Amilia app;
  • Facility calendars automatically update in the Facilities>Calendar subtab; and
  • Staff schedules automatically update in the Staff Management>Schedule subtab.

 If you have any ideas or feedback on how we can improve, we'd love to hear from you at



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