Finance and Reports

Our finance reports provide reliable insight into all aspects of your sales and revenues.   


Our reports section gives you easy access to critical financial reports and important information about your programs and participants. 

The Finance and reports tab is comprised of 3 sections:

1. Reports (includes Deferred Revenue)

2. Statistics

3. RL-24 Tax Credit


How to Generate a Report

Via the Accounting or Ad hoc sub-tab, set your date range.


Ensure your dates do not exceed the Maximum Date Range for your report. If a report has a maximum date range of 3 months, then you can only pull 3 months' worth of data at a time. Reports from years past can still be downloaded as long as the date range is respected.


Ad hoc

These reports provide real-time data on participants and activities based on individual programs.

  • Email addresses of participants
  • Information on the activities of the program
  • Nominal income per activity (doesn't include rebates and promotions)
  • Participants by location
  • Registration information (details on registered participants in your Programs)

You can find other reports based on your entire organization by scrolling further down the page. However, all the fiscal reports you need can be downloaded via the Accounting sub-tab. 



Looking for reports pertaining to your organization's sales and revenue? Look no further!

Get access to:

  • Deferred Revenue reports
  • Sales and Payment summaries
  • Ledger code reports
  • Netbanx Credit Card/ Echeck statements
  • Account Receivables


Deferred Revenue

Organizations that use accrual accounting are required to show revenues on the income statement in the period of which they are earned, not in the period when the cash is collected. 

We've developed a revenue recognition report which separates data into revenue recognized in past periods, the current period and deferred until a later period. Revenue from the sale of an activity is recognized after each occurrence of the activity has passed.

  • Via Account>Accounting, set your organization to Accrual


  • Via Finance and Reports>Accounting, export the Deferred revenue report.


NOTE: Access to this report is available upon request. Contact us at


Sales Reports

Breakdown of Sales: A complete report of all sales (including cancellations) made by your organization.

Sales by Administrators: Lists all sales (including cancellations) and categorizes them by the admin who performed the transaction.

Sales by Ledger Code: Groups total sales by ledger code.

Sales Summary: Groups all sales by type (Activities, Memberships, Rentals, etc.).

Summary of awarded promotions and fees: Lists all promotions applied as well as fees (Store>Fees). Does not display canceled promotions and/or fees.


Payment Reports

Account Deposits Summary: Lists all account deposits, including credits remaining in a client's account.

Breakdown of Payments: Lists all payment types and breaks them down according to the admin who processed them online (if applicable).

Installment Status: Lists installments that were successful, canceled and/or refused.

Netbanx Settlement and Fee- Credit Card or Echeck: Details on payments processed by Netbanx. Includes the name of the participant and the invoice number. This report is used to reconcile your online payments.

NOTE: This is available for organizations that use Paysafe as their merchant provider. If a different provider is used, please access their online portal to download your reports.

Payment by Ledger Code: Groups total payments by ledger code.

Payment Summary: Lists all payments and breaks them down by type.

Account Statements and Account Receivables: These reports do not have a maximum date range. They will pull data as of the date specified.


Program Statistics

View demographic statistics related to:

  • Participants
  • Total client accounts
  • Active memberships
  • Potential Client and Total number of clients (persons)
  • Archived accounts

The accounting statistics give you an overview of:

  • Gross income
  • Credits (sum of manual discounts and promotions)
  • Net income (total revenue minus gross income and credits)
  • Receivable (sum of amounts owed by all participants)
  • Payable (sum of money owed to participants and are pending reimbursement)


RL-24 Tax Credit

This section is available to organizations based in Quebec; who offer childcare services (ex: daycare, day camp, etc.) for which they are required to file RL-24 slips at the beginning of each year. 

Click here for more information about creating RL-24 slips. 



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