How to Make a Purchase from an Organization

Find out how to register you and your family members in an organization's Amilia Store!


In this article, you will learn how to:

1. Find what you're looking for in an organization's Amilia Store.

2. Register to an activity.

3. Choose who to register and add account members.

4. Add items to your cart and proceed through checkout.


There are two ways to access your organization's Amilia Store:

  •  Click on Find_Organization_EN.png if you're logged in to your user account; or
  •  Click the Register button on your organization's website.


What are you looking for?

Are you registering to an activity? Purchasing a Membership, or interested in some Merchandise?

Select the appropriate tab to access the list of items you're looking for.  



Registering to an activity

Choosing a Program will allow you to see the categories of activities within.

  • Click on a category, then sub-category to display the corresponding activities.


  •  When you've found the activity, click the person_icon.png to register for a session; or
  •  Click the dropin_icon.png to register for a drop in.



Choosing who to register

Log in to your Amilia user account if you have not already done so. If you do not have an account, you must create one.

Once logged in, select who to register:

  • The first name belongs to the Account Owner, the adult responsible for the account.
  • Add family members by clicking Add another person. They become account members.
  • You only need to add an account member once. Add as many as you need!
  • Click the choose_person_icon.png icon to register the member.



Add items to your cart and checkout

 It's easy to keep track of what you are purchasing!

  • The green_checkmark.png icon means you've successfully added the person for the activity to your cart.
  • The cart.png icon allows you to view your cart or proceed to checkout.
  • Continue Shopping if you want to keep browsing the store.



Review your purchases before you Checkout. You can Remove any item if you don't want it.

You will need to validate your information as well as that of the member(s) you're registering.

  • Complete the organization's registration form for each individual member. 
  • Click Continue my purchase to save the form for each member. When all forms are completed, you will be able to provide the payment information.



When it's time to pay, enter your details.  You'll receive an email confirmation of your purchase!


If you're tired of rummaging through your wallet for your credit card, why not save your credit card details for future purchases?   Click here to find out more!



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