Email Template to Participants to Prepare for RL-24's

We strongly encourage informing your clients of the details needed to issue RL-24's. 


Access your client emails addresses by Program via Finance>Old Reports>Status reports

Feel free to use this template when requesting your participants to update the information in their Amilia user accounts. 



In preparation for the issuance of RL-24 tax credit slips, we would ask that you kindly verify the accuracy of the following information in your Amilia account:

1. Who is receiving the RL-24 slip? 

You can make changes in the contact section of your child's file. Please determine the percentages to be issued:

  • 100% - select the parent or legal guardian; or
  • 50/50 - select the parent or legal guardian as the primary person and determine the secondary person.

2. Your address is up-to-date.

You can verify your information in the Members section of your Amilia account. If there is a secondary person, ensure their address is up to date in the Contacts section of your child's file. 

3. Make sure your social insurance number is on file. 

If there is a secondary person, ensure their social insurance number is indicated. This information is required as per the provincial government to generate the statement. 


It's important to check your Amilia account before ** ADD DATE **. Missing information will result in the inability to generate an RL-24 tax slip. 


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