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Give your clients the ability to book private lessons anywhere, anytime and from any device. Amilia's Private Lessons module automates your private lesson availability in real-time based on your facility and staff schedules. 


Create your Private Lesson

Create your private lesson via the Activities>Private Lessons subtab. Private Lessons appear in a section apart from the rest of your activities in your Amilia store. 

  • Forms: Choose an existing form or create a new one. If no form is chosen, participants will only confirm their address information during checkout. 
  • Staff and Facilities: Assign your staff and your facility. 
  • Schedule: No need to create one! Schedules are automatically generated based on your staff and facility availability, as well as the duration of your lessons. You set who is eligible to teach a private lesson and where. Your clients choose which time works for them.
  • Price: Determine the cost of the private lesson per unit of time.  
  • NOTE: Your clients can also enroll in private lessons by using a multipass! Simply create or edit one via the Memberships>MultiPass subtab.


Calendar Invitation

Your coach, as well as your participant, will receive a calendar invitation by email to confirm the private lesson that has been booked. 


Staff & Facility Availability


  • Via the Staff tab, create your staff by clicking on 'New Staff'.
  • Once your staff is created, add their availability

Here's the link to our comprehensive article on Staff.



  • If you haven't created a facility, do so via the Resources tab by clicking on 'New Facility'. 
  • Be sure to add the opening hours of your facility. 

Here's the link to our comprehensive article on creating Facilities.


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