PRIVIT is a compliant health management software that tracks medical records, participation forms and digital waivers with signature capture technology while also enabling real-time incidents reporting during an activity. Trusted by hundreds of camps, schools, sports organizations and associations across North America, the PRIVIT Profile app and the PRIVIT Sideline app helps your organization securely manage your participants health details.


For more information about PRIVIT, please contact Russell Goodwin at and be sure to mention that you're with us!

If you have any questions regarding the integration, let us know by email at


Already using PRIVIT?

Follow these 3 easy steps to integrate with Amilia.


Step 1

Activate your PRIVIT account with a PRIVIT representative by phone at 1-855-977-4848 or by email at

Once your account is created, please refer to the PRIVIT 'How to' articles to learn more about setting up your organization.


Step 2

Activate the PRIVIT partner integration module with the help of your Amilia customer success manager or with a member of our support team at Have on hand your unique PRIVIT organization ID URL, which will be supplied to you by a PRIVIT representative.

  • Our support team will link your Amilia and PRIVIT account in the back office.


  • In order for PRIVIT to connect to your Amilia store's API, our support team will create an admin user in the Account>Administrators subtab. 

         The user email will be: 

         The username will be: PRIVIT Api and will have a 'read-only' access level. 


  • When our support team gives you the go-ahead, enable your PRIVIT clickable banner within each applicable program via the Activities>Programs sub-tab. Scroll to the bottom of the configuration page and apply a check in the box.
  • In the Confirmation of Registration section, we suggest including a brief description of the benefits of PRIVIT and how your participants can complete their PRIVIT profile. Clients will see this at checkout once their purchase is finalized.




What happens after clicking the banner?

Clicking the banner redirects clients to your organization's PRIVIT web address. This allows them to access their PRIVIT user account and integrate it with their Amilia end-user account. 

  • The first time a client lands on the PRIVIT page, they need only create a password to complete the setup of their PRIVIT end-user account. 
  • Clients with an existing PRIVIT user account are redirected to it upon clicking the banner. 
  • Clients will now be able to access their PRIVIT user account via their Amilia user account.
  • Personal information from Amilia (name, email, phone number, ect.) will automatically populate in PRIVIT.




Step 3

Once integrated, participants will notice an 'Access PRIVIT' button in their Amilia user account. Through PRIVIT, they will be able to provide their health information, complete forms and/or digitally submit signed waivers you've created.

  • A button is available in the Home tab under your organization's name.
  • They will see your PRIVIT organization URL via their profile in the Members tab.
  • Clicking either links will seamlessly connect participants to their PRIVIT profile. 
  • NOTE: In the example below, the client is associated to two PRIVIT organizations. For confidentiality purposes, one login is required for each organization that uses PRIVIT.





Feel free to visit the PRIVIT support page for additional video tutorials and training guides!


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