Amilia App - Amilia on the Go!

 Keep track of yours and your family's activity registrations (and more) using your mobile device.


By downloading the Amilia app for iPhone and/or Android devices, you can easily:


Download the App

Follow the appropriate link using your mobile device or search for the Amilia app in the Apple or Google Play Stores.

Log into the app using your Amilia credentials. You'll have access to up to 3 tabs.



View Upcoming Activities

The Calendar tab lets you view the activities you and your family are registered to.


  • View the name, location, date and time of an activity.
  • Dates appear on the calendar when an activity is scheduled. Scroll to view more dates. View activities from the current date, up to a year in the future.
  • If multiple members are registered to different activities on the same day, each activity will appear under that date.
  • If multiple members are registered to the same activity on the same day, a record of that activity will appear for each member.


Access your Virtual Membership Card(s)

The Access Cards tab is useful if you or a family member are a member of an organization that offers memberships to its affiliates or a membership is required for entry to a facility. The Amilia app keeps your memberships on hand!


  • Scroll left/right to view each member's profile picture, barcode (for scanning) and Amilia ID (P#######).
  • Tap the List button to quickly select the desired profile.
  • To add/change a member's profile picture, tap the crayon_icon.png icon.


Manage your Credit Card with the App

Speed up the checkout process, update/change your credit card details, manage authorizations for organizations to charge your card and keep track of upcoming payments using the Amilia app! Note that you can also manage your credit card and authorizations via your user account.


Add/edit your credit card details

Manage your credit card on the app via the Account tab by selecting Payment method.

  • If no credit card is on file, add your card details and tap Save; or
  • If a card is already on file, update your details if necessary by tapping Replace card.
  • View upcoming payments to be processed on your saved card.
  • Replacing credit card details transfers to existing upcoming payments and authorizations.
  • You can delete a credit card if no upcoming payments exist. This also deletes any existing authorizations attached to the deleted credit card.
  • You can save details for one credit card at a time.




When saving your credit card at checkout, you must authorize an organization to have the ability to automatically charge it towards future approved purchases or towards an existing balance in your account. After saving your credit card once at checkout, manage all subsequent authorizations directly in the app.



View your authorization(s) directly below your credit card details in the app.

  • After your credit card is saved, grant or revoke authorization to an organization. Their name appears on your authorization list after visiting their online store and adding an item to your cart.
  • Right swipe on an organization's name to give consent or tap Revoke to remove your authorization. 
  • Authorizations are removed if you delete your credit card. Not if you replace it.



Other Features

The Account tab also provides an at a glance view of your account members, a direct link to our User Agreement and Privacy policy, the ability to toggle the app from English to French as well as the option to Logout from the app.


The Amilia app is a work in progress! Stay tuned for updates on new features to help you manage yours and your family's registrations from the palm of your hand!



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