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The first step to using Access Management is to create your controls which define the access parameters to your premises. You can monitor entry data based on memberships, activity check-ins/check-outs, and account balances. Create as many controls as needed!


In this article you will learn about:

1. Configuring a Control;

2. The Block, Check-out and Track Responsible features; and

3. The Kiosk, Monitoring and Overview subtabs.


1. Configuring a Control

Via the Access Management tab, click +New control.

  • Name the control for easy identification.
  • Block a participant from entry if the client account is in arrears. The balance must be cleared before entry or check-in is possible. NOTE: You can also block individual clients via the Account Members subtab in their account and enabling the option under the 'Admin Notes' section of their profile. 
  • Check-out tracks when registered participants leave the premises after an activity.
  • Track Responsible allows you to verify responsible persons allowed to pick up a child at check-out. The Check-out option must be enabled for this to work.
  • Memberships are those that are required for entry. The participant needs at least one of the selected memberships if they're not enrolled in an activity.
  • Eligible activities are those that apply to the control you're configuring. A participant must be enrolled in at least one of the activities you specify to be able to check-in.
  • Allow access:  If a client answers all criteria, they are granted access upon scanning or entering their Amilia ID.  If you choose 'on the day of the activity' eligible clients can gain access at any time of the day.  By choosing 'x minutes before and during the activity' access is only granted during the time window you specify. 
  • Save. You can edit, archive or unarchive your control(s) at any time.



2. Block, Check-out & Track Responsible

Toggling any of these options impacts how your access control works. Read below to find out what you can expect from each.



Prevent a participant from entry or checking in if their account has a balance. Upon presenting their membership card (and Amilia ID), a notification appears if a balance exists. The balance needs to be cleared before entry and/or check-in is possible.



NOTE: You can block individual participants regardless of a balance. Via the Account Members subtab in the client's account, choose their name and click on the Admin note section in their profile. 




Scan or type a participant's Amilia ID to record the time they left the premises following an activity. Unlike checking in, the check-out feature must be toggled in your control in order to work. A client must check-in before they can check-out.

NOTE: The check-out feature works as shown in the Monitoring and Overview subtabs only. The Kiosk does not support the check-out feature. 



Track Responsible (Security Feature)

Administrators can view and track individuals responsible for picking up a child at check-out. Amilia refers to the child's contacts, which are managed via the client's account in the Account Members subtab. We suggest adding contact requirements on your registration form(s) to ensure the information is provided by the account owner.



NOTE: The Track Responsible feature works as shown in the Monitoring and Overview subtabs only. The Kiosk does not support the Security feature.




3. The Kiosk, Monitoring and Overview subtabs

Each control is individually managed and utilized through the use of Actions. It's important to distinguish the differences between the Kiosk, Monitoring and Overview subtabs.



Click here to learn how to oversee entry to your premises using one or more of our access management solutions!



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