Subscription Renewals

Automate your clients' subscription renewal! 


Amilia gives you the tools to better manage your subscription renewals.  You can now schedule automatic email notifications to your clients which allows them to renew or cancel their subscription near the end of its term.

Automated subscription renewal will help you:

  • Reduce administrative tasks;
  • Boost subscriber retention;
  • Save time and effort for your clients.

NOTE: By law, organizations in Quebec must provide a renewal option to their subscribers for subscriptions that span 12 months or longer. 


How it Works

1. Configure your Renewal Options

2. Expiry Reminders

3. What Clients can Expect



1. Configure your Renewal Options

To activate renewal options, your subscription's expiry must be toggled to 'Expires after'.  The 'No expiry' and 'Expires on' options do not support renewal options. 


  • No renewal: Clients are not provided an option to renew. Once the subscription expires, they can return to your store and purchase a new one.
  • Renew automatically: An email is sent to the client informing them the subscription will soon expire. If the client chooses to cancel it, they may do so via their user account. If no action is taken, the subscription will automatically renew on the date specified in the email.
  • Renew after client confirmation: An email is sent to the client informing them the subscription will soon expire. Clients can renew their subscription with the click of a button. If no action is taken, the subscription will automatically expire as per the subscription settings. 



2. Expiry Reminders

Whether the subscription renews automatically or after the client's confirmation, you must configure the email reminders to your clients. Configure up to three expiry reminders. 


The reminder(s) sent to your clients depends on which renewal option you choose. When no renewal option is available, no expiry reminder is sent.


Reminder when renewing automatically

  • No action is required by the client if they wish to remain subscribed.
  • If they wish to cancel their subscription, they must do so before the specified date to avoid additional subscription charges. Clients may cancel their subscription in their user account as per your subscription cancellation settings.




Reminder when renewing after client confirmation

  • Clients can click 'Renew my subscription' to renew for another full term.
  • If they do not renew, the subscription will automatically expire as per the date specified.
  • NOTE: Clients must have communications from Amilia enabled in the Communication tab in their user account. If not, they cannot be sent this reminder.




3. What Clients can Expect

Clients are sent the reminder email(s) as per the reminder dates you configured. Remember, the email that is sent depends on the renewal option you chose for the subscription.


If no renewal option is available

  • Clients will be sent an email notification to inform them the subscription has expired. *coming soon*


Confirming subscription renewal

  • When a client clicks Renew my subscription, a confirmation message will appear.  The subscription will be renewed for a full term and monthly invoicing will continue.
  • A subsequent email is sent to the client to confirm the subscription has been renewed along with the updated expiry date.



Cancelling the subscription

  • If confirmation is required to renew a subscription and the client does not, an email notification is later sent to inform them their subscription has expired.
  • If the subscription renews automatically, clients must cancel the subscription via their user account. They may cancel immediately, or send a request to the administrator to cancel (depending on the subscription's cancellation settings).




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