Family Memberships

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Amilia now offers the ability to create a type of membership that clients can purchase and share with every member in their account.


How it Works

1. Create a Family Membership

2. Buy a Family Membership in the Store

3. Manage your Family Memberships



1. Create a Family Membership

Via the Memberships tab, click + New membership:

  • The Name and Description are visible to the client in the store.
  • Tags (optional): These tags are visible in the Memberships section of your store. They help clients filter for the membership they're looking for.
  • Visible in the store: Make the family membership available for purchase.
    - Immediately: Available for purchase in the Memberships section of your store and available for purchase if linked to an activity, in which case clients are prompted to buy it.

    - Schedule: Specify which date the membership is available for purchase in the Memberships section of your store and available for purchase if linked to an activity.

    - Hidden from store: Unavailable for purchase in the Memberships section of your store. However, it is still available for purchase if linked to an activity, in which case clients are prompted to buy it.

    - Unavailable from store: Unavailable for purchase for clients. However, the membership remains active for clients who purchased it prior to becoming unavailable. Administrators can still purchase this membership on behalf of clients.
  • Expiry: How long will the membership remain valid after purchase?
  • Is it eligible for renewal?:  Normally, a client can only purchase the same membership once. However, if a membership expires after (X) period, you can offer clients the ability to repurchase it in the store (X) period before it expires. NOTE: This is not available for memberships that expire on a specific date.
  • When will this membership come into effect?: If the membership expires on a specific date, you can determine if there's a specific date clients can begin using the membership. NOTE: This is not available for memberships that expire after (X) period.
  • Price (optional): Set the price of the membership. This amount is paid once upon purchase, regardless of how many account members use the membership. When renewing, the client will pay the price amount again at checkout.
  • Attach registration forms if you'd like the client to answer additional questions upon purchasing the family membership. NOTE: Family memberships require the form(s) be completed for each member in the account.
  • You can generate a customized membership card for all account members within the client's account. This is accessible to clients via their user account and the Amilia app. Admins can also view it in the client's account.


Link your Family Membership to Eligible Activities

Via the Activities>Edit subtab:

  • Edit (or mass edit) each activity that requires the membership for registration.
  • Scroll to the Memberships section and checkmark Required memberships.
  • Place a checkmark next to the memberships required for registration.
  • Save when finished.



2. Buy a Family Membership in the Store

Once a client purchases a family membership, there is no limit to the number of account members that can use it. There are two ways to purchase a family membership in your store:

  • Via the Memberships section: Clients can buy a family membership here if the membership is visible in the store.


  • Via an activity: When selecting an activity that requires a membership, the client is prompted to choose an eligible membership in order to register (if they don't already have one).



What Clients Can Expect when Purchasing a Family Membership

Below, a client enrolls in an activity that requires a family membership:

  • After choosing an account member to enroll, Amilia prompts the client to select the family membership if it hasn't already been purchased. It will be added to the cart.
  • NOTE: If the client already has the active family membership in their account, Amilia will not prompt them to buy it again.


  • If forms are linked to the family membership, they must be completed at checkout for each account member, regardless if they are enrolled in an activity or not.
  • As usual, forms only need to be completed once. If a member's information is up to date, simply click on Continue my purchase to move to the next member's form.


  • Afterward, clients can view their family membership in their user account via the Purchases tab.
  • By selecting the organization and scrolling to the bottom of the page, the family membership and its expiry date (if applicable) are shown.


  • If the family membership generates a membership card, clients can view them for each account member via the Membership Cards tab in their user account. They can also access each card using the Amilia app.


Promotions on Family Memberships

  • You can apply any type of promotion on family memberships except the Community Segment type promotion.
  • It is unnecessary to create a multi-person (multi-discount) promotion on family memberships since it suffices for one member to purchase the membership in order for it to work for every member in their account.



3. Manage your Family Memberships

Via the Memberships>Memberships subtab:

  • Apply a filter to easily locate your family memberships. 
  • Click the box to the left of the membership(s) to access the Operations menu.
  • Exporting lists can aid you in filtering for clients whose membership is close to expiring.
  • Click on the number of active or inactive members to view their names and quickly access their client account.



Cancel a Family Membership

Only the organization's administrator may cancel a family membership.

Via the Purchases subtab in the client's account:

  • Scroll to the Family Memberships section (which is not under any particular account member's name).
  • Click on the Invoice.
  • Cancel the family membership invoice item as you normally would with any other invoice item.
  • NOTE: Canceling the family membership does not cancel registered activities that required the family membership. If necessary, be sure to address those invoice items as well.



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