FAQ- Upgrading to the Paysafe Payment Platform

Amilia plans to update all global payment processing accounts to Paysafe by the end of 2019.


Why are we moving to Paysafe? 

Amilia is committed to ensuring that all transactions completed through our online registration and class management platform are secure from end-to-end.  We are extremely selective when choosing our payment solution partners so that both our direct customers, as well as their respective clients, are provided with the latest security standards, more payment options, rapid transactions, and a world-class support organization. 

By switching to Paysafe, our merchant network of customers can choose from an expanded list of accepted payment methods, provide better cardholder data security, and gain access to more flexible merchant payment schedules while maintaining the lowest available processing fees. 

All Amilia organizations with a merchant account will need to transition by the end of 2019. We will no longer provide support for legacy payment processing solutions (e.g. Moneris). 





Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

When is the switch to Paysafe? 

Amilia is updating all global payment processing accounts to Paysafe by the end of 2019. Our objective is to ensure a smooth transition. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with your Amilia Customer Success Representative. 

Upon completing the application process, Amilia will receive an update with your new Paysafe credentials. After confirming these credentials with you, we will update your merchant account to start processing payments through Paysafe. 

After the update, you should validate your account with a 'micro-payment' to ensure everything is running smoothly. Paysafe provides this convenient reference chart for Merchant Account Validation. 

Amilia Customer Care will be available to assist with the application process and to demonstrate new features. 


Do I need to change my payments terminals? 

Not yet. Most payment terminals are compatible with any payment processing gateway. We will provide a separate communication on recommended terminals soon. 


How will my rates and fees be affected? 

Our objective is to maintain your current rates, so an Amilia Customer Success Manager may request that you provide us with 3 or more months of statements showing your latest rates and transaction charges. We will review your payment history and come up with a plan offering similar rates, which may be harmonized or split between interchange, connection, and other charges, depending on your existing plan. 


Should I keep my Moneris account open? If so, for how long? 

In order to process refunds, voids, and chargebacks, make sure you use the same merchant account (e.g. Moneris) as when you processed the original payment transaction. 


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