SKILLS are a useful feature for categorizing your clients. Using the skills module, you can note when a client has achieved a certain level or certification, as well as assign specific categories for classes and competitions. 

By keeping the skills up to date, you can easily track a student's current level and when it was achieved, which can then be used to restrict or allow access to certain activities. Furthermore, if the same skill is assigned to a participant multiple times, you can easily verify the date for each occurence. 
Only account administrators can assign skills to a participant. However, once assigned, the skill is visible to the participant via their Amilia account. Let's take a look at how to activate the Skills module in your account.



  • Select the check box to ACTIVATE the module

Click on  to save it.

You will now have access to the SKILLS tab. The Skills tab contains two sub-tabs: CONSULTATION and MASS ASSIGN. In addition, you will have access to the OPERATIONS menu to export reports.


From the Consultation tab, you can create new skills and/or edit existing skills.

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Furthermore, you can generate reports and view the assignees for your skills.

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From the Mass Assign tab, you can assign skill(s) to multiple participants.

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Furthermore, you can REMOVE skills from participants as well.

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